.:Desktop CNC Router:.

A three axis cnc machine that can be easily built using standard, home handyman level, tools.

  •      Low Cost – (if everything is purchased off the shelf the cost for all parts is under $600 (significant savings could be made by skillfully sourcing some pieces)
  •      Small Footprint – (occupies 25″x 30″ of table-space)
  •      Usable Working Envelope – (10″ X-axis 14″ y-axis 4″ z-axis)
  •      Small Part Count – (Fewer than thirty unique parts)
  •      Easy to source parts – (all parts available from 4 sources (Home Depot + 3 online sources)



    Download Source Files & Assembly Instructions (Instructables)


4 Responses to “CNC1 – Desktop CNC Router”

  1. Matt Wagner says:

    can you tell me how to make one please

  2. oomlout says:

    Hi Matt;

    Full details on how to make your own can be found on Instructables

  3. Richard says:

    Looks like a great machine. Is there a download available that isn’t posted on a site that you need a password to access?

  4. oomlout says:

    Hi Richard;

    Sorry about that it was originally not behind a password wall, we’re working on re-publishing the content in a less restricted format.

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